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evilbitchnews's Journal

Not Fit To Print
9 March
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I'm doing this until I have an actual web site for the same thing. I'm tired of being an evil bitch in my other journal, and very tired of using it to talk about news. So now, you get the best of both worlds - Evil Bitch News.

Basically, I mean to present my spin - in the words I want to use - on current news topics. I'd never do this in a real paper, but hey, who needs dignity online?

I'm an aspiring journalist, blah blah blah. I have a viewpoint that's not based on any currently existing political model (I fit best with the libertarian party, but I think they're not doing a very good job).

I am:

Anti-Israel (but not an anti-semite)
pro-individual rights
anti-ridiculous ideas (e.g. road privatization)
anti-schooling, pro-education
open-minded, but without holes in my head to prove it
anti-war on terror
anti-war on (some) drugs
pro-oil drilling in the U.S.
anti-environmentalist - but not anti-environment
pro-gay rights
anti-capital punishment

There are other things - when I think of them, I'll add them. For now, that's close enough.